Weekend recovery

By UnkleBus
Good long weekends are a must. Great loads of work and stress are killers. I took last Friday off, and if you’ve noticed over the past week or so haven’t been updating so often because work was really getting to me. So I spent Friday running some chores in the morning and finally getting some rest. It’s been many a late night for me since classes started. Usually this doesn’t work out I’ll confess, I’m hooked ROME the series. I typically read about 20 minutes then spend 2 hours watching it… haha so much for being more mature as a postgrad student. What has got me so drawn to it would be its accuracy, and you can see this in the first episode during the first battle. I just can’t wait for season 2 because I think they’ll start to pimp Octavian and show his rise as Caesar.

It’s only at times like these, with work in the day and night classes do you really appreciate your free time. It’s a complete 180 degree turn for me having been a fixture at Zouk for most of the year. All the partying, doing nothing and spending money is coming to a halt. It did make me doubt for a fraction of a second my decision to do this course but I want a change and I believe if you want something bad enough you will have to make the sacrifice.

Crap I’m starting to sound like a nerd haha… damnit…

But you know something… I cannot stand the students from India. Especially when it comes to queuing up and taking food... No racial connotations intended but this bunch of guys happily cut ahead of anyone and will just turn back and do the signature head shake and smile. And lets say there is mamak mee goreng on the menu. They will happily pick JUST the toppings of egg, chicken and tofu ONLY leaving plain noodles for the rest. At times there isn’t enough food to go around because they were there first. Real fuckers they are. When in Rome do as the Romans lah stupid.

It was my last class yesterday and today’s the assignment clinic. I have an idea of what to do now that we’ve been shown the different methodologies and I’ve noted several areas to stress on. The hard part would be putting it in words; structuring it so that it makes sense. I have up till 10 July to hand in my individual assignment, which in actual fact isn’t really very far off considering the number of text books and literature that I need to refer to. You can expect more posts in the coming days on MasterBUS.

Well it’s almost quarter past five and I’m leaving on the dot today. The skies are dark, ominous clouds loom and road closures threaten. Catch you later. Cheers!