By UnkleBus
It was a bad streak of luck getting there but totally worth it even without drowning me in alcohol. It rained bucket-loads earlier so sections of the sofas were covered in plastic but the overall impression was a really good place to chill and its not often that a white concept bar takes off; it still seemed clean and pristine despite the wetness (no pun intended). It was mad question askin’ blunt passin’ music blastin’… it was good music. Really good trance in fact but the crowd was controlled and quite yuppie, and no one was dancing! Wasted…

I should have arrived earlier.

But they closed a road. Then the alternative route was flooded. Then there was an accident. I don't understand how they come up with these alternatives. Its always through some god forsaken area, which the only guide is the signage put up by the highway concessionaire. To add to my frustration was the lack of visibility, slippery roads and much more. Even yesterday my journey up Genting took more than 2 hours! The supposedly MRR2 alternative was jammed and crawling for at least 40KM.

We were there for Maryann’s birthday but by the time I got there she was on the couch hugging the pillows but still sober enough to talk... Definitely a good sign of what happened earlier. I was surprised to see packets of nasi lemak on the table though. It seemed quite out of place, wasn’t sure if it was a prank or something but would be damn cool to have it with some beer. Sambal and beer, then you smell the havoc *grin*

Too little time to really soak up the atmosphere but I have gut feeling that we’ll be back there soon *grin*