The mood is gone.

By UnkleBus
It was never there to begin with today. Thinking back on how the past few months have changed me I’m happy at the results. Overall I think I’m a better person. A little more relaxed than that uptight dude with stick in his ass (figure of speech) about a year or so back. Still things are about to change. I’m starting class tonight for the pre-Intensive and I’m sort of on the fence about what I’m getting myself into. It seems to be the biggest plunge and change of lifestyle since forever. Just when you get accustomed to this way of life I had to go fuck it up by going back to school… haha

And you know how class is. There will be the smart-alecs, the quiet nerds, the “think they so smart but just keep quiet” crowd, the average joes and the utter blur sotongs. I’m the sort who thinks he’s too smart, has all the answers but never speaks out. When the answer is revealed I flop. I think it’s a fear of being seen as stupid, of being vulnerable when speaking. It’s definitely that but it is something that can be overcome, with time and practice.

I’ve got a meeting in a bit too. This time teething problems are causing a breakdown and to get enough attention from our vendors our big boss called for a meeting with their new MD. He’s a nice bugger but all this politicking by one business unit director who didn’t get his way isn’t good for PR. 10 mins… just enough for a quick nap. hahaha


I just got out of a meeting and I feel totally fucked. These two weeks have been intense. Intense to the point where I feel my head is about to burst like an egg in a microwave. My company should be happy though, they are getting what they pay for… scrambled egg that is. Ok maybe in some previous posts I have painted the sort of picture where you think I’m some sort of lazy ass pig who only sleeps and complains in the office all the time but let me assure you, its only MOST of the time I’m like that. Not always. Get your facts right!

Anyway the new MD is very cooperative and quite assertive to his own crew. I couldn’t look at their tech guy in the eye because I’ve been working with him for quite a while on separate projects and it isn’t exactly nice seeing him get screwed in front of everyone. It’s just too bad. Shit happens.

Moving on… oh time to go home already?


I was right! I just got out of class and YES I WAS RIGHT. The Smart-alecs, Geeks and the rest of the different types of students were present and accounted for. Even before class started we had this dude, classification smart-ass-alec, asking questions and passing unwanted remarks. All we could hear was his voice. Slap him till his nose bleeds and pees in his pants, then he’ll shatttup.

The briefing on the other hand was carried out professionally. FYI I’m serving my sentence taking my course at APIIT (or UCTI as its known now) and this place is NOT the place to be if you are hoping to pick up hot chicks. The course was explained in detail, so was the module and the notes and course material all prepared on time and they even served dinner. HAHHA what the hell… nasi lemak for dinner. I hope the menu changes for every class. The thought of having the same dish for 2 years is… scary lah what else!

They’ve got their act right ok except for one thing. The elevators are fucking slow. Seriously slow. Like KL driver late for wife’s delivery compared to some dude from Bentong on Sunday. So yeah there you have it. An almost typical day. Oh I forget I have to work tomorrow morning because they just sent some stuff I need to update ASAP.

Ah well. Shit happens right? Gnites!