Blockbuster Summer

By UnkleBus
With so many blockbusters coming out this summer (it is summer, right?) Who could resist not going to the movies? I’ll be spending many hours in the cinema this time so over the next few days I’ll rundown some of the shows coming soon, which I think are worth the time and money. Here are my upcoming 2:

The Da Vinci Code (19.05.06)
Having read less than a handful of books over the past quarter century this has got to be one of the biggest hyped books that I’ve read in my lifetime. Just look at the slew of accompanying books and the controversy caused by it. I think it’ll be a class act, though I don’t necessarily agree with the casting of Tom Hanks as Prof. Langdon, he is a very accomplished actor… just that I can’t get the image of Forest Gump being chased by Silas down some narrow street with Sophie Neveu screaming “run Langdon, run!!” out of my head.

Throw anything with a medieval twist to it and I’ll be lovin’ it, even if it’s in the present (Especially since I’m a big fan of that era.) and it’ll be interesting to see how faithful it stays to the book.

X-Men: The Last Stand (26.05. 06)
This time they’ve found a cure. To be mutant or be normal again and even if I had to power to shoot fireballs out of my ass I’d keep it… just in case you know? Haha… What I like about this is that it’s a continuation from the second whereby phoenix is reborn into some quasi-evil super-mutant.

The entire ensemble is back again with a few new additions, beast; the blue haired geek that can climb walls, Iceman; who wants to get laid so bad, Shadowcat; whom if I remember correctly was that little girl in X1 who ran through a wall, Archangel, Colossus and others… Somehow it’s always nicer to side with the bad guys. What the good guys don’t have is the attitude, try as hard as he likes, wolverine is chum compared to Magneto.

to be continued...