Waiting for zee Germans

By UnkleBus
I watched snatch “again” last night. Its not like I’ve seen the entire show before but every time I tried something always popped up to distract me from watching it entirely. Either that or the disc would cock up. Mind you this is the fourth DVD of snatch I’ve tried. It’s a great movie. British humor is fucking hilarious. One thing did cheese me off a little though.

My brother...

Now he’s the sort who would never say “I don’t know”, rather than seem unknowledgeable he would stake his entire ego on proving his point. Said point comes to light when I say the same actor played similar roles in Snatch and Lock, stock and two smoking barrels; Vinnie Jones, which in both movies he played very convincing satirical “Gangsta” roles. First in the 1998 Lock Stock as Big Chris and then in 2000’s Snatch as Bullet Tooth Tony. Where's the similarity? I donno you bl'dy nu'ah so 'ave a cuppa tea!

My brother...

Was so convinced that I wouldn’t have a clue when he blurted out that BOTH are actually the same characters and what he meant by that: Snatch = LSa2SB II. I just looked at him and said yeah right, did a frown but he persisted anyway. I give that to him; his persistence. At one point last week I made a comment while watching a documentary about how Nazi Germany came about and the course of WWII. I made a commented that it’s quite remarkable how Germany managed to build a massive army circa 1937.

My brother again commented that Germany was in fact a much larger state before the war and therefore had a larger population. Knowing that it wasn’t true, that Germany was a much smaller state after it broke up following the end of WWI, he continued to try to convince me this was fact, I did not even argue. I just gave me the look. Haha... But that’s him I guess. *grin*

Well anyway, there’s a little bug in the new comments section. If you’ve commented on my blog before you will see some weird text appearing in the name and website text boxes. Just clear it away, enter your details again and it will save your details as intended from now on.

P/s: The great thing about watching that sort of comedy is the lines of course. But the weird thing is that I find it helps me write better forming sentences in my mind with a Brit accent. Funny innit? haha