First attempt

By UnkleBus
My lame first attempt to go jogging in the morning has failed. I did something more productive at 6 AM though and NO it did not involve the 5 maidens. I rolled in bed and after that went to fix the damn Streamyx. I think the line is exceptionally fast in the morning. I downloaded the James Blunt album in 20 minutes. (James blunt? Testing line only what… heh)

Bad day today. No one to get angry at… haha. I’m sure all of you have filled in one survey or another right? I’ve become bored of those. It’s always the same old questions like who was the last person you spoke to, when was your first kiss, what was the last movie you watched, etc. *yawn* no offence but those questions are lame. Same goes for personality quizzes. So I decided to make my own personality quiz. Its simple, just answer yes or no, you will find out your personality in the end. Check it out and answer honestly!


1. Ever answered your mobile phone while taking a piss/dump?
a. YES – go to 2
b. NO – go to 4

2. Did the person on the other side know about it?
a. YES – go to 5
b. NO – go to 3

3. Did you tell the person
a. YES – go to 5
b. NO – go to 4

4. Are you sure? Don’t bluff!
a. YES – go to 5

5. Did you tell that person that you will call back?
a. YES – go to 7
b. NO – go to 6

6. Was the conversation meaningful?
a. YES – go to 8
b. NO – go to 8
c. NOT SURE, wasn’t concentrating – go to 7

7. Did you wash your hands before calling back?
a. YES – go to 8
b. NO – go to 8
c. NEVER – Go wash hands NOW


8. Has anyone seen you talking on the phone while taking a dump/piss?
a. YES – go to 11
b. NO – go to 9

9. Have you seen anyone talking on the phone and taking a dump/piss?
a. YES – go to 10
b. NO – go to 11

10. Did they notice you watching them?
a. YES – go to 11
b. NO – go to 12

11. Did you say “hi”?
a. YES – go to 13
b. NO – go to 14


12. You are intelligent but introverted and do not like to confront the problem. Even if it’s leaking right in front of you. You stay back and watch while other people go at it with either water or toilet paper. You do not take risks but you enjoy the reward. You will write a book entitled “How to pee in 652 positions without getting sprinkle on the rim”

13. You are cool. You like to stare and you admit it. You also marvel at how people can multitask. A sign of a true leader. You wont take no for an answer even if it means sacrificing your personal pee-pee time. You will be Prime Minister one day and declare 6th of April National toilet appreciation day.

14. You are arrogant. You think the world is about you. You piss like a king. Take a dump like an emperor. If you had your way, you’d get someone to shake it for you. You are a great leader but disliked by many, especially the toilet cleaning staff. In the future there will be an uprising against you and it will be called “The Turdish Revolution”