Sound the ufckin' alarm

By UnkleBus

Run for the hills! The end is neigh. Fucking inept twats. What’s with the perception of “IT can fix it all” in this company? I’ve never worked in an end user environment and will make it a point from now on never to make the same mistake again.

Allow me to story you. Last Friday some electricians came to install a ceiling mounted projector in one of the meeting rooms. Everything was going fine until they started drilling. The drill that they used overloaded a circuit causing it to break but not before frying our print servers. Ok. That was a mistake. It could have happened to anyone, even the best of us. No worries. My colleague managed to get things under control and we were back up and running.

Today, someone asked us if it were ok if the electricians came to work today. Baffled I asked why? She said that because of the outage last Friday we would know better. At that point I did not know to laugh or cry. Simply because computers USE electricity does not mean that we, the “IT people” know what this 15 Ampere 0 Ohm 12 Megawatt bullshit is…

WHY has everything got to do with IT? The phone lines for one. It has nothing to do with us! The circuit breaker, the microwave, the water coolers, the fucking lights, oh oh oh!!! I forgot!! Even the director has to ask us how to configure HIS CELLPHONE!!!

I want to scream but I have no voice and I want to kill somebody but I have no knife!

Worse thing is when a “yes” man leads. Well… calling him the yes man is being rather kind. He’s more of Mr. DBKL if you ask me. Yup, Sampah project all angkut. What cock project also angkut. Like WTF. Later on sit back and relax and say oh no bonus because the project didn’t go so well. Bullocks. If you had your balls removed from your arse you would know better that the project was a farce in the first place.

I need a new job. This one is wearing me down. Thank god for blogging though. *Grrr*

Welcome to my Monday morning…