Something's rightly wrong.

By UnkleBus

My clock is screwed. Yesterday after an early dinner, I went to bed only to wake this morning at 5.45 am. It only happens on Mondays & Tuesdays for some reason. I get so tired I’ll sleep throughout and wake only once to realize it’s almost 1 AM and set the alarm. Then I’m snoring again in no time.


Last week we all had a very much delayed “proper” dinner at La Bodega, Bangsar. One which I so regret leaving the camera in the car. It was, to say the least, stimulating not only intellectually by physically (eh no pun intended!) because we were laughing so hard it was hard to breathe. Aran and his cousin were first to arrive at the scene followed by Joey and his cousin, and then me. I felt a bit left out because no one told me to bring my cousin… We were then joined by Stel, El and Perry at La Bodega. After dinner as usual we all went back to have our desert (or as Stel would put it “where the magic happens”) @ KMKS

One side of the table was rather serious, I guess it must’ve been about work and stuff but the other side was just going crazy thanks in part to the bottle of wine and the quirky sense of humour of a Canadian. Hehe… We joked about how the only good thing to come out of Canada was Celine Dion and SouthPark HAHAH later on we tested ourselves with some challenging “Mensa” questions. Me maintaining composure and trying to look “INTELLIGENT”, which obviously did not work; couldn’t even answer a single question HAHAH.

Heading down to Velvet the following night was surprisingly good. The crowd has changed so much since before the dresscode. There were so many pwetty people around, all the ladies dressed to kill and the guys (joey’s brother) doing the frown and stare maneuver. Hahaha Yup you had to see it to believe it. The worse part is that IT WORKED Hahah… He did the stare and frown thing on a number of chicks and they were all excited and giggling… I tried it out myself but almost got kicked in the nads. I’ll stick to smiling lah ok? Jess, Joey, his cousin and brother were all there and we had good time.

Anyways this weekend is gonna be the bomb. DJ friend is having a party from Saturday till Monday. Hopefully the night safari will be open this Friday and then on Saturday we’ll be going to Velvet again for Saturday Night Live. (Oh hey, please remember the dress code) How NOT to fall sick? It’s getting harder and harder to top the previous week. It just keeps on getting better. But April will be one month that will fly by quickly.

This is my final party month until my next semester break. Since this will be the last month of my partying like this PLEASE come and party with me. OK? It will be worth your time. I assure you ;)