By UnkleBus

As they (or rather I) say, the best sleep you’ll ever get is the moment after you turn your alarm clock off. That’s exactly what happened to me this morning. I woke up when the alarm rang at 6.15 am and went thru the paces of pressing the snooze button at least 6 times. Usually, that is. This time however, I decided to turn off the alarm and get dressed but not before “resting my eyes” for a little while…a little bit ha.


I woke up considerably late, say around 7.45AM. At any normal office I would just rush to get ready and walk in late to work but at the place I am right now, when you are late 3 times a year you get a warning letter from HR. So I thought I’d better take half day EL instead. So what to do until then?


There’s this little coffeeshop somewhere in Section 17 that serves this sinful delight. And not only that, they have siew yoke as well but I really think they should call it siew fei, coz its 60% fat 20% skin and 20% meat. HAHA

Laboo was up by 9 and since we were free we decided to grab some grub. Struggling to decide initially between banana leaf rice, assam laksa we settled on fat rice. Seriously… go only if you DON’T have a heart condition. It was good and I counted at least 8 layers of fat on the siew yoke. The char siew too did not disappoint. The fat was well cooked it melted like a fine English butter, sprinkled with pork flavoring on a warm summer afternoon. You could almost instantly feel the oil seep thru your pores.

And normally when you do have dishes like these, the soup would suck like cow’s ass. Like drinking the water used to rinse dirty bowls and cups but oh no, not here. Again it was delicious with sliced aged cucumber and some chicken feet thrown in for good measure. It wasn’t too oily to boot.

It’s damn good; just imagine watching the world cup with a whole length of charsiew in your hand, chewing it down like beef jerky. Who needs to cut it, we men make fire! Eat pork, no cut! CHEW CHEW… hahhaha. So now I know 2 places that serve good Charsiew. Boo next round I bring u to the one in Changkat Raja Chulan. It is also damn gewds. And after that can go for a round of beef noodle! LOL

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