Zouk’s 2nd Anniversary Party

By UnkleBus
I had a blast last night. So long since I’ve had alcohol in that amount and what made it better was that it was free. Kudos goes out to the Zouk crew for their generosity, especially the long haired bartender. Somehow long hair bartenders tend to pour more.
Elle and Perry



We arrived at 10 and headed to the velvet underground, which at that time was empty, except for 3 others but it wasn’t long before the crowd started coming in. The deco has changed in velvet. They made some renovations, and made it look quite dreamy. I like it.

The customary drinking break. lok lok rawks

Anyway Perry, Elle, Aran, Michelle, Shierly and myself helped ourselves to the drinks and they say the rest is history. There were lots of nice looking people common to velvet, a few rowdy “think their damn cool CEOs” (think Catcha) and of course the floor staff.

Check out what I won for the lucky draw. I almost had a hernia.
Someone should have a chat with the organizer about this...

Oh anyway I’m quite lazy to write any more right now. More updates later. Check out my multiply album