Feebies, oh joy joy

By UnkleBus
We each were given a paper bag of freebies at the door. At first we were wondering why it was so damn heavy. Turned out it contained magazines, some discount vouchers and a t-shirt. Not bad, its actually quite nice and my first Zouk tee.
The shirt is in black!

But take a look at this. They were giving this out for the Mainroom party pack. Not one but TWO HAPPY POPPERS! HAHAHAHA... What so now popping alone wont make you happy? Get a friend and share the fun. It pwns j00!

Confirm damn happy wei

Great fun! Magical Effect! Safe to use! can be used both indoors and outdoors!
Happypopper is A MUST for every Party, Wedding and Festive occasion!

POP AWAY AND BE HAPPY. It is GREAT FUN as they say and safe to use. A must have for every party, wedding and festive occasion! I couldn't agree more. HAHAHA... All I can say is they really know their market. They pay good money for market surveys, they should have just asked us. *grin*