Whatever things!

By UnkleBus

I had the weirdest dream a couple of days back. I dreamt that I was part of the MTV Whatever Things crew and we were out doing some really really stupid stuff. We were at some island resort, I’m assuming its Thailand, and the whole thing was on stilts in the middle of the ocean. The fat guy, tattoo guy and the main guy were all in it doing stupid stuff like jumping off bridges and burning rooms. I remember that we jumped into the water once swam and overturned a boat, which the fat guy was on and somehow he couldn’t swim. He couldn’t even float. We were laughing while the dude was drowning. And he was wearing a bikini. Later I went looking for hermit crabs (beats me!) and stuffed many into little mayonnaise jars.

The next thing I know we were at another side of the resort running for our lives, I think one of the dudes punk’d someone he shouldn’t have and they were chasing us with sticks and shit… funny thing was I had time to check on the hermit crabs only it wasn’t hermit crabs anymore, they had all transformed into yellow toads. Each jar had like 20 toads and I used them to scare the shit out of some scantily-clad-sun-bathing-bikini babes. The sad part is that I was more engrossed watching the toads magically jump out of the jar rather than checking the screaming chicks out… (wtf is wrong with me)

Earlier I watched MTV whatever things and it was a fan request episode. One of the requests was for the fat dude to enter a bikini contest in Thailand. So there you have some reallyyyy hawt Thai chicks in less than bikinis and from out of nowhere the fat dude jumps out all jiggly dancing in a thong bikini. *bad trip* Later then I watched NGEO and it had a documentary on frogs of the Amazon or something. So you KNOW where my dream came from…

Which got me thinking… I wanna be a VJ. I have a mohawk and speaks the england, can I host a Rock Show?