What to do...

By UnkleBus
*** Update ***

I bought myself the K600i. RM830 for Vodaphone AP set. Couldn't care less if the warranty was original or not because (pick one): -

  1. It will break in a year
  2. I will buy a new phone by then
I'm quite happy with it. It has 3G, 1.3Mpx and some other junk. Only downside is that you can only search the first character of your contacts AND the T9 input is PRETTY DARN SLOW. :P


New phone. I’m getting a new phone. I’m getting a new phone TODAY.

I can’t stand it. It keeps on dying. If anyone calls through it’ll ring twice and DIE.

The battery will go down to zero in minutes and it will DIE.

After it has restarted, it will be back at HALF. Call again and it will DIE.

Pushing down on the stick does NOT WORK.

The case is well worn and SCRATCHED.

I doubt I can get a TRADE-IN. BUT I still want a Sony Ericsson :P

I vowed never to get a Motorola.

But I think this time the Black RAZR looks Mighty Fine.