Underworld: Evolution

By UnkleBus

If you don’t like blood, wings and fur, this is not the movie for you. If you do then hell yeah; and bring it on in style. A very worthy sequel to the first which I found at times rather demure and agonizing for most of the show, it didn’t take as long as the first to set up most of the action sequences and the storyline flowed quite smoothly.

I’ve always loved movies with medieval knights, swords, axes, blood and gore; also guns, bombs, explosions, blood and gore; and this movie had it all. Once you see a werewolf’s lower jaw ripped off barehanded or a head sliced in two and later a slow motion shot of a Selene pumping a vamp full of lead you will truly appreciate what lengths the director has done to make improvements over the first movie. The feeling of satisfaction

The storyline is pretty direct, Kate plays Selene, a death dealer (if I remember correctly) who is protecting Michael (Scott something) from the last remaining elder, Marcus because Marcus wants a talisman to open the tomb of his brother; the first lycan, which was taken by Michael and it so happens that Selene is also part of the key to the tomb her father constructed and at the same time everything is being monitored by the brothers’ father.

The weird part is halfway thru the story; Kate and Michael have time to have sex. Ok la, sex sells but the scene is so one dimensional. It would have done better with just a tease.

My favorite action scene of the entire movie would be when Marcus was inadvertently released from his crypt and brings hell to the guy who betrayed the previous elder. It borrows heavily from doom and used a first person perspective to get in on the action. You get to see in rich detail the looks in the faces of the men just before they’re turned into pulp. The whole movie was filled with special fx and it was done well making it absolutely brilliant.

I’d definitely recommend you watch this movie. It’s of no substance and is nothing but a mindless action flick but watching a movie like this once in a blue moon does wonders. Oh don’t forget, get the DVD for all the blood and gore.

My rating: 3.5 stars