Redzone F1 Party feat. ATB

By UnkleBus
It was the preliminary rave to warm us up to Tiesto, I think it turned out better than Saturday night. The dance area was better ventilated and there were quite a few surprises. ATB just kept on teasing the crowd with his 9AM till I come and nearing the end dropped the bomb. Good setup and pyro show.

Stella and Kong

Elle, Stella & Hee Jung

We met up at the Sunway sarang and then proceeded to fetch some of Kong’s Singaporean friends from Ming Tien. Still feeling stoned, it was one of the longest drives ever.

Stella & Jung

Moi & Stella

We had fun, loads. The biggest surprise was when they let loose the air cannons, showering the dancefloor with paper leafs. It was a sea of red and the crowd went crazy. They timed the pyro show with the music, which lasted about 4 minutes.

Perry having a ball

In the end we were all more excited about what we would be doing next and decided to get out of there to continue at KMKS. It was all good. The party was well worth it; we were all more than happy at the rave then wed crazy later ;)
Technicolor gang ;)

Multiply photo album: ATB by Redzone