See the sounds, Hear the lights

By UnkleBus

I'm the sort who looks for balance in things, this hasn't always been the case but I see things differently these days. Ever since the eye-opening experience left me awestruck at all that I've been missing, I soon came to realize that life could be about principle... but ultimately it is about the experience.

Those of you, who knew me then, know that I don’t smoke or do shit, drink… yes, but that’s about it. 27 years later I started smoking and the other shit. I used to say “It’s not the starting (to smoke) that scares me, it’s the quitting”. Yeah right, look at me now. I'm beginning to think that saying applies to more than just smoking. Haha I'm such a hypocrite.

From time to time I still get annoyed at certain characters, some cutesy stuff and also for no reason whatsoever but I get over it soon enough. I'm blessed with the ability to say "just fuck it" and completely ignore any sort of emotional attachment even if it killing me on the inside. Of course I have my own ways of getting over it, I still feel like crap but I deal with it.

At times I like to disappear, be alone, to reflect on things, or maybe it’s just a time for self pity? Let’s just call it a need for personal space. Escapism to me is virtue. Thankfully there are a few of us who often indulge in that. Moving in and out of this world, to distant lands with friends: the best experience evah ;)

Can’t wait for ATB and TIESTO. It’s gonna be one hell of a weekend and I'm sure SY will be happy to hear from us. *grin*