Damnit I'm in lurve

By UnkleBus
Oooooo I saw this phone online, recently released during CeBIT and I'm already in love. It's one fine looking fone!!! The specs are awesome and the camera is simply fabulous. 3.2MPx with autofocus, Xenon flash, image stabilizer, 16x digital zoom, auto red eye reduction, DPOF + PictBridge + BestPic tech. It is also integrated w/ Blogger.com so posts can be made from the phone and i'm guessing that pics can be linked/uploaded as well haha. It is larger than its cousin the K750i but who cares? It takes up less space than carrying a phone and a camera (even the DSC-T7 trust me)

I'm starting a fund. It's called the "Upgrade Tyler's measly old battered phone fund". RM2 per donation. You get in return 3 seconds to touch it, 30 seconds to look at it and I PROMISE to take your pic & link it to your contact. (It meaning the phone. What were you thinking?!?) How? Sweet deal right???? *grin*

Sherrie get this phone la! and if you do lemme have a look first ok? hehehe
*GAHHHHH* I want one! Now! DAMNIT!!!