Life is like Katamari

By UnkleBus
I’ve come to a sudden realization. (Serious… suddenly only) Life is a lot like Katamari. You trudge around and collect junk by rolling everything that sticks into a ball. The ball gets bigger and bigger until the day you die, or reach your goal… (Whichever comes first heh) whereby the ball is just a huge lump of collective crap that looks like it’s too much to handle. Sound like Katamari Damacy?

Well don’t take it literally and start rolling up your furniture and possessions into ball… just yet, I write in terms of the emotional state. How some people can cope and others can’t is a matter of what kind of junk you pick up and let go.

Memories, emotions, achievements, failures, loves, hates, insecurities and everything else just bundled into a humongous ball of emotional junk, which in the end is discarded (when we die of course). So if it’s discarded in the end why bother anyway? Well I think it’s mostly because we can’t help it.

Or we don’t want to be helped.

But why is it so hard to discard certain memories? I have no answer to that nor will I ever. The mind is too complex and individuals too different to generalize (but I will generalize anyway…). My point is that nothing is beyond your control; don’t let the ball of crap that you’ve accumulated over the years roll over you in the end. Loosen up, lighten up, its all in the mind if you want it to be. I just hate seeing people spiral downwards and then do nothing about it.

I’m not writing about anyone in particular. Don’t get offended, it’s just something to, perhaps think about. So who says video games are bad for you? I think they’re just a realization of our subconscious filled with pretty graphics and sounds. Guess it’s time to get the ol’ PS2 up and running and play God of War again. *grin*