I am lengjai lenglui combined :P

By UnkleBus
Elleashley posted something about a facial recognition demo, which apparently matches your face from a picture to a celebrity. takes a few seconds to sign up but its well worth it. Now if only it can match their INCOME to MINE, then I'll be happy. HAHA check out my results :P

Holy smoke, I will Kung-fu your ass wei and then laugh about it... Stephen Chow! hahahah ok la at least the 2nd guy abit more leng jai rite...

Now...Ppl say i look like a gurl... gurl, wtf! but just for fun lets see what famous chicks i look like...

yup you got that right mister. I am frikkin hawt. don't mess wit me or I'll kung pow you and then flick my hair. hmph!

hahahah.. geez.. try it out http://www.myheritage.com