Green is the new black

By UnkleBus

The greens did us good. We watched comedy central and laughed our lungs out and then some. Considering it was a Tuesday night, we handled ourselves pretty well. Laboo performed admirably when it came to the strudel and burger, it was her idea to buy the chocolate ├ęclair, which I must say tasted pretty damn good! StrwB had a couple though it wasn’t like the last weekend. He escaped unscathed as STP went easy on him with the “21 questions” haha… would have been more fun to see him taking his time and grinning at everyone *lol* maybe next time hehe…

I’m a bit proud of myself actually; see I’m handling the shit better AND I managed to wake up this morning without much need to drag my ass out of bed and feeling just a little of the end effects.

But you should’ve seen the two of us at centerpoint last night. Like kids in a candy shop with a fistful of cash and no parent in sight. Next time we target Jusco, they have that kacang counter with all the different varieties of nuts and bigger selection of junk food. How to diet like that? Yah you tell me. Let’s see what we had for that 4 hour period starting from 9.30 pm: -

    1. Prawn keropok
    2. Kerepek Cili
    3. Haw flakes
    4. Pop-corn
    5. Strudels chocolate ├ęclairs
    6. Apple strudel
    7. Mango strudel
    8. Burger daging special (no bun)
    9. Burger daging special double (with bun)
    10. Tuna pasta
    11. Chili coated peanuts

A bit a lot of food la heheh… big thanks to STP & StrwB for the delectable food and for hosting the “green room” session(s) *grin* For the next round we’ll need more food and a map to list the shops to raid. As they say, practice makes perfect ;-)