Conspiracy theory

By UnkleBus

Ok, it got a little political yesterday but I had to say something. I guess the press is just doing their job, or whatever is within their power to ensure their own continuity. It had to happen to someone, just too bad “the man” had to get it.

Just let me explain a little further what I meant by Petronas not being able to bail Malaysia out again. See Petronas is a Berhad (Limited) co. but the only one which is not listed on the KLSE. Not being listed means not being scrutinized by the securities commission. So things may go on there which we will never know about. It also contributed RM25 Billion to Malaysia in 2004 accounting to 25% of revenue collected by dividends. So you be the judge. Maybe my imagination is too wild but there are many things that go on we do not know about.

*actually my imagination is damn wild ok :P

Now that I’ve got that over with, today has again been exceptionally slow today. Had my power nap and now a stiff neck, the darn chair doesn’t support my neck properly from falling to the left/right! Damn. And I’ve been falling asleep the whole day too.

Feel like watching a movie tonight, or how should I say… like “going natural” hahaha.. Or even better DO BOTH! HARRRRRRRRR MAteyyyyyy.. Polly want a CRACKER?!?!

Ok this post isn’t going anywhere. I’ll just stop for your sake. Before your eyes pop out and explode form my nonsense.

Don’t say I’m not considerate