Double headed snake

By UnkleBus

1. Fuckerrrrrrrrr play politics againnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

There’s this one particular person in the office that’s a bitch to work with. She’s a manipulative double-headed snake who will stop at nothing to further her own agenda. Today she has once again risen from the cesspool and is stirring the hornets nest because “Tyler went for a meeting, and he didn’t invite me”

2. Who gives a flying fuck!

First of all, she is of no significance to the project. All she does it keep track of current problems faced by the sales reps and reports it. Her primary function is purely administrative. The bosses from our partner co., my own boss and me had the meeting to discuss high level plans to sort out multiple problems. What could she have possibly contributed? Nothing. Nil. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Oh and the look on her face when she found out we were in session was so... haha I cant even find a word for it. But suffice to say she’d definitely win a Grammy’s for best actress. After that go and cry to your boss and *aihh* as usual your boss just had to email us for the sake of keeping you happy.

3. Well whoop-dee-fuckin-doo

This person ah, needs some good bitch slapping. It isn’t enough that all the secretariats hate her for kissing ass. It isn’t a big enough hint that no boss wants her (she’s been passed around from boss to boss about seven times) and it certainly isn’t a big enough hint that she almost was fired the last time.

YErrrr I damn gerammmm…