Water Bubble Banner

By UnkleBus
Yeah yeah that’s right it’s a new banner up on top! Do you like it? Hahah I basically rip photographs and “remix” it to suit the banner size, adding a few elements here and there to make it look seamless. The original was taken in portrait mode so that made it harder to fit in the 640 x 160 sized banner. I’ll post up a pic of what the original looks like later. Comments! Suggestions! please!

Oh and Starbucks Centerpoint last nite was fucking infested with mosquitoes! Die fuckers!

Petrol prices went up again last night. Bloody 30sen. Do you have any idea what I can get with 30 sen? Hmm?! Ok bad example. But it still is damn expensive. Now I'm thinking twice about getting a new car unless it’s a hybrid, which would cost a bomb anyway knowing government policy. So how la now? What to do? This morning the low fuel light was already flashing. Lets have mass protests! We can all make individual picket cards and shout out slogans against the government. Oh and since we’re all gonna be at one place, I think its best we car-pool too. *grin*

*** Update ***

Here's the original pic that I used for the background.