Dreadful week ahead..

By UnkleBus

I’m dreading the next few days. Work never ends but this is the first time I have to travel to 7 regions in the country. It will start with a drive to Melaka early in the morning, to get there by 8.15 AM and that means I have to wake up at some ungodly hour and drag my ass out of bed… after that it’ll be 4 hours of “training” but that shouldn’t be a problem. The only good thing to look forward to is lunch and then later leaving Melaka back to KL hopefully before 3 PM so that I can skip the jam at the toll gates. Ugh… and it’s not to say that I’ve serviced my car recently. (Must remember to keep toll receipts). Friday morning and it’ll be a flight to JB lugging with me 6 boxes of Dell PDA’s as hand luggage. It’s going to be a day trip so I won’t be bringing clothes (thank god) but the my laptop plus the PDAs and training material WILL be shiates to carry thru to KLIA…

On Monday & Tuesday I’ll be covering the northern region, which includes Ipoh and Penang for training. Now this is something I am looking forward to because I’ll be driving and there will be a sales manager around and he has promised to bring me to all his usual eating places. Haha (Gonna gain a few but maybe some of you would like to join me shed it the coming weekend? Geddit? Haha :P) OK so I made a vow to stop the shit and I will. I was teasing mmkays? I don’t think it’s so much the traveling that’s bothering me but rather lugging around boxes of equipment. Driving is good because then I wont have to be dependant on anyone else should I want to do something by my own.

Sabah, Sarawak and the East coast trips have been postponed though I think they’ll soon want me to get it planned out… AGAIN. This must be the 3rd time I'm plannign dates again with them. All the fucking forms to fill in. Working in an old school co. is no fun. Damn the red tape and burn all the forms. I still have an enormous amount of packing to do. Making sure all the damn forms are ready, acknowledgement forms, technical briefings, attendance list, etc. I’m drowning here. Typical of Tyler to do last min work. “Some things never change” and it’s true. I wouldn’t have it any other way. So there prolly wont be many updates the next few days but just visit once in a while, just so that my web page counter has some hits... *lol*