Well yeah coz I am better than you.

By UnkleBus

It’s always amusing when you find people competing with you for no reason. I’m not sure what their reasoning is or if it’s because they feel inferior but they instinctively do and it simply cracks me up. Its not as if they openly admit that they want to compete with you but from the things they say, the remarks they make you can roughly see that they would like me (or whoever) to know that “yeah I’m as good or not better than you”

HA HA but do I look like I care, you condescending dill-hole? *grin*

I’m not competing with you lah fool, why bother and what’s your problem? Not that I want you to stop competing, I find it quite healthy (I need regular doses of comedy in my life) but what have I done that has made you want to get in the position of “yeah la I’ve been there done that too, even before you lah Tyler…” make you so much better? HAHAHA geez…

It’s been happening so much lately that I’ve classified them into 3 categories: -

    · “Putdowns”;
    · Sarcastic praise and;
    · The “Aiya now only u do that ah” kind

Don’t you think that when someone always says things that put you down, “dude today you look so tired man, your eye-bags and all”, I would reply “really? I slept quite well last night actually” (and this for a fact that you can see at that moment you do not have any eye-bags) or “yeah man, damn tired la partying all night”. Isn’t that clear enough a signal to you that I couldn’t care less that of your opinion? (You my dear reader, what do you think?). It happens quite frequently. Most of the time its out of concern that the other party has to say something, but at times you just know that what they say isn’t true. Oh so you now trying to undermine my confidence? HAHAHA try again…

Next on the list is the sarcastic praise. This is one I hate the most. I find it most demeaning and frankly just plain rude. To me when it happens the first few times its okay, too many times I just get plain irritated. Take for example physical appearance. Some or more well built than others right? As for me I’ve been fat for quite a big chunk (no pun intended) of my life but recently lost quite a bit of weight. Mr. X however is and has always been physically well built, so when Mr. X says things like “yah lah you so strong oredi…” or “Wah you thinner than me oredi…” I find that offensive. You know you are stronger than me or more fit than I am, why you patronizing me as such? What ARE you really trying to say? It just pisses me off.

Another situation I was in recently was when Mr. Y asked me, “Hey man how was your weekend?” and naturally I’d be out partying so that’s what I told him, “oh I was out partying 2 nights, didn’t sleep and had loads of fun”. His response then was “Oh yeah been there, done that, now I’m over it”. HAHAHA OKAY MR. HAPPENING YOU ARE MY IDOL I SO WANNA BE LIKE YOU, I’m sooooo behind time! SORRY! Or they would ask me “Hey Ty, Who did you go out with last night?”, “Oh just a couple of friends the two hot chicks LaBoo and Doll” and their response would be “I went out with 10 hot chicks last night man, but I’m so sick of it… sighhh”. That’s just sad man, sad and so salah…I feel for your loss my friend hahahha...

This only goes to show that you have less confidence in yourself than I have for me for the simple reason that YOU ASKED ME. If I were to ask you it would be out of plain curiosity not for comparisons’ sake. The funniest thing is that I’m just being me. Me, me, me. I’m not trying to outdo you so why are you trying to outdo me? But honestly please don’t stop. If it weren’t for you my life would be so very dull and grey like a never-ending autumn and I’d have nothing to blog about. So keep up the good work, Seriously!

p/s: no one was hurt writing this blog. All characters are fictional so don’t ter-rasa *grin*