By UnkleBus
Beneath your calm exterior lies a troubled past.
Your mind’s senses muffled by the countless distractions,
Not letting go of what should have been so long ago.

You see the path and feel the stones beneath your sole
The wind billows but the dust settles, eeriness creeps forth
This path you see fading, winding and far never-ending.

Voices though a whisper shriek terror and confusion
You run each stone cutting your feet
A stone too tall, your feet buckle and you fall

Why do you run? What is it that you seek?
Is there nothing back there from which you came?
Why does your heart trouble you so?

You seek escape, mind altering… euphoria
Move you must. Run away, as far as your feet will carry
But the more you run the further your destination burns

Move you must, forcing, dragging, crawling…
You gasp for breath but the dust suffocates
Pierces your eye, the darkness prevails

What is it that you seek? Numbness overcomes the pain
Anguish follows as you drift, sink deeper into darkness
Seeing the Technicolor wheel spin motionless

You drift, you sleep never to wake perhaps?
The cold blankets your tired limbs
A swath of ice rushes thru your veins

Escape you say with your last breath, at long last
Rid me of this world, surreal and distant
Till tomorrow comes, if it must…