Sleep worker or work sleeper?

By UnkleBus

I've been sleeping the whole day at work today. Not exactly your model employee but the session is taking its toll. There's always the bad to go with the good. Anyway the dinner last night went well but we had too much head, not enuff fish for the fish head curry and doll did not even try the froglegs. Other stuff was really good too.

I'm so extremely sleepy right now I can barely open my eyes. The pics will be up tonight and then some much needed rest. Some of the pics are already on the limuxninja's flickr ( so check it out. Donno bout tonights zouk gig tho, the girls are resting as I write this (envious!) poor StrwB and I have to work. There better be some TLC later ok? Hee hee *bao bao* ;)