The re-opening of the BUS

By UnkleBus
It was one hell of a reopening, overdose of fun and we met sum new plush friends. It was so good to be back with the gang, StrwB+Elle, LaBoo, Doll & GodBro and we all had a rockin' good time. M&C when's your turn ey? come come cannot miss the next one coz u know why right? ;)

laboo*, moi, godbro, strawb & elle
moi, laboo, doll, strawb & elle
Blue Ninja, Pink Ninja, Cool-dudette, Kaptain-Krunch badge, and (hangin') heartbreaker haha
oh heh, here are the plushies, spankin' fine handiwerk by CraftyMania, she's made the plushies by hand and they are like the doodolls you get at ROOMInterior but with so much nicer designs. yes i am pimping her blog coz her stuff rawks.

So how, detox only after CNY wokie?