Got milk?

By UnkleBus
got smashed! aiyo...

We all have to go SOMO in Hartamas. Relaxing chill-out place with good service for a change. Can't say much bout the mozzies (since it is al fresco), there were none but it rained earlier. The food looks good and the portions are large. Better that than forking out some for none.

wtf... some for none?

I'm full of rubbish today *grin*

Last night mambo like mad, met a few people. Got to know one. Follow up? see how first but the drinks kept on coming and Johnny kept on walking... that basterd.

Literally crawled into bed leaving a trail of destruction, but i remember taking a shower first and the next thing I knew I was crawling back out this morning, on time for work, but still at home.

Going home lah, the drilling next door is driving me insane.