The fine line

By UnkleBus
I think for the past months I've been blogging that its clear that I've made no qualms about blogging my feelings, I often question myself about the fine line of blogging, where relating close personal events; close to my heart, and making them available for the public to read.

To me its a matter of personal choice, I'm such that, when I do blog, its something personal and you know who I am. I don't create facades to paint a picture of being prim and proper; or looking out for someone else's feelings.

IF something had happened that had impacted me, good or bad, funny or sad, I will blog about it. Then it's over and done with. I forget the incident and the feeling escapes me.

Of course I would like to have many happy posts but life isn't always peachy on this side.


What I do

I neither BLAME


Find an EXCUSE

I Take RESPONSIBILITY For my actions. I don't pretend; and I don't expect you to either. So if I'm having a bad day and blogged about the shit that messed with my head, I APOLOGIZE. Sincerely.

But its my blog, in the end this is my outlet and I do what I want with it.

peace .... maybe not