UnkleBUS’ guide to: English in the 22nd Century

By UnkleBus
English, or some may call it Engrish or England, is an elegant language. Its versatility has been proven throughout the years making it one of the most spoken languages on the planet. It is for this very same reason that we, the purveyors of powderful speaking England, should look forward and plan for the 22nd century.

These days it isn’t just enough to say for example on a hot day “it’s hot”, instead we say “it’s fucking hot”, or if an ugly chick/guy walked by we’d say “she’s/he’s fucking ugly” right? In the future this will be too much trouble. To make this easier, then follow the rules.

Take the first consonant from the first word, remember consonants only; and then append it to the desired word. If the desired word starts with a consonant, replace it till the nearest vowel. The following illustrate how this will is achieved

She’s fucking hot --> she's fot

He’s fucking ugly --> he’s fugly

Stupid bugger you --> sugger you

Fucking loves it --> floves it (this is an exception, it soulds better this way)

That’s it for this installment of the bastardization of English. In our next article, how to fonkuse your fwens by bumjling up words… stay tuned.

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