Hypocrite ahoy!

By UnkleBus
It’s fine that individuals may uphold their freedom to choose. I mean peer pressure is only peer pressure if you allow it to be. If you’re strong enough, you’ll be able to say no to whatever. I agree that it is even harder so when close friends exert that said pressure but again as I mentioned it depends entirely on the individual, his/her charisma, inner strength, perseverance and knowing friends, they’ll joke about it, talk about it, relive the moments that they enjoyed through it, which makes it all the more harder to say no.

So this particular subject arose when one astute individual made a pop (pun intended) about this entire subject. About how influence is bad and an individual should be left to make up his or her own mind. I agree wholeheartedly. However, knowing that individual better made me angry upon reading his words. I won’t quote or name names because everyone deserves a right to be anonymous and I don’t feel as though I’m bad mouthing anyone because this is simply my opinion.

What I felt entirely after reading his article was that of hypocrisy. I understand his need to express himself or is it just his way of painting an “angelic” picture of himself, but Dear Lord, those of us who know better, really know better. But is this just a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Yes and Yes. Our astute friend has a penchant for the extraordinary. When there are those members of the opposite sex involved, all macho-ism and the need to boost his ego comes into play that he’ll do anything just to impress. Suddenly the term “peer pressure” and words “no” cease to exist.

So after reading this article of his, I am quite positive that there is a lady friend that he wishes to impress by his “unwavering” attitude towards the “bad” stuff, painting himself in an entirely different light; one that has his standards and stands by his principals. One who will not bow, even so slightly, to peer pressure. I must say however that it is a good article written rather impressively.


He has the cheek to publish that article in full view of his “closest” friends thinking that they’ll probably keep quiet but in actual fact I’ve been rather irked by this action. For him, it’s all about pussy and what makes him a “man”. Dirty. So let’s talk about peer pressure. When your friends ask you to, you say “no” but when a pussy speaks, there’s no such word as “no”. Peer pressure is indeed a weird thing. On the one hand you’ve bastioned your castle by writing that article, but on the other the enemy you hide from is within.

But let’s not get philosophical shall we?

In the end, my friend, that article hurt quite a few people and these people who do call YOU friend. It would seem that you do not have the same feeling towards these “people”. Do you think it is fair of you to paint such a picture of hypocrisy while all those knowing sit back and keep quiet? How long do you think you can keep this up? Please. You may want to be the most popular person alive (who doesn’t?) and strut your stuff often but don’t cross others especially those who know you for who you are and who have known you for many years.

And as for me I think I’ve said enough. I’m going to smoke a cigarette knowing that’s the most addictive thing in the world plus go drinking tonight even though alcohol kills more people than all the drugs combined.


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