Haiku Theme: Snakes on a Plane

By UnkleBus
I hear some hissing
from the luggage compartment
snakes on a plane yo!!

samuel l. jackson
use your purple light sabre
fucking snakes hissin'

they're all over now
pheromones make killer snakes
stupid assasin

where is steve irwin
silly crocodile hunter
when you need him most!

submitted by aran:
snakes on a plane
the nigga from inglewood
three hundred mofos

snakes on a plane
mofo snakes on a plane
snakes on a plane

submitted by viola
Three Lamborghinis
Whizzed past in a speed of light
Hell has broken loose

Silver blue and red
Nothing can stop them this time
Fun has just started

A gust of wind blew
And then a blink of an eye
Fun was still around

Green yellow and red
A shadow on white striped road
Oh snakes on a plane!

Lamborghinis swirled
Feet tightly jammed on the brakes
Image vision blurred

Shadow froze cars crashed
Snakes on a motherfuckin' plane
Befalls on them three

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