At different altitudes

By UnkleBus
I got really pissed drunk last Friday. It was a free-flow at velvet and we emphasized on flow. The final nail in the coffin for me was the champagne. 3 glasses of Moet and 30 minutes later I was out for the count. We took a breather outside at the terrace bar but within minutes of sitting down I stumbled my way to the toilet for hurl #1. Nothing much came out, I hadn’t had dinner earlier. About half hour later I got to know the toilet bowl a little better but the third time was the charm. Deciding it was better to stay in the toilet instead of moving in and out, I sat and fell asleep and lay there for about an hour an half. (Upside Down Girl, send me the pics please. TQ)

Anomie offered to send me home leaving my car at the Maya basement. I remember that I was being a bitch insisting that he send me home and not go eat. We also passed a road block. Thanks to him I got home safely and didn’t wake up locked in terrace bar.

The next morning I woke up still intoxicated, my body and face flushed red. No one was home but the worse part was that there were no keys in the house, my own set in my car conveniently parked in the middle of town. I was damn hungry too. Joe had sms’d earlier asking me to join them at getting highland but agreed with some persuasion by Enzo and Jason. There was only one problem.

How do I get out of the house?

So I climbed out my room window out on the roof to the side and down the fence. I’ll post an illustrated image later on but here’s a sneak preview of my ass taken by Jason. Hahahahahah


We had fun at getting highland. It was cold enough and the air did me good. The motion master was a con though, some Alice in Wonderland crap and it was supposed to be 4D, meaning they blow wind and spray water in your face. Plus you can’t see shit with those glasses. But anyway we were there with some “Multiplians” and had a blast.

pics 128

On Sunday I met up with Anomie and had lunch at BKs Bangsar. I had no idea you could add more meat to your burger and we both had a double whopper each. I ordered mine with black pepper sauce and it was awesome. We then joined Ms. Fitness and UDG at La Bodega Deli where we enjoyed a game of scrabble. It was a great way to unwind after the entire crazy weekend.


Had a final smoke before heading home to call it a night but the call of the camwhore was too strong, I couldn't resist *grin*


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