Jolly green giant prevails

By UnkleBus
I started out with a clear intent on writing a review for Grandma’s boy. But the longer I thought about it, the less I could remember. It seemed a worm hole intervened and sucked me into a parallel universe. Or so that’s what the jolly green giant had told me. (and who am I to argue with a green giant?)

Then it was the travel back home. Stupid paranoid drivers exist not only in reality but also this 4th dimension… (Stupid transponder didn't beam me up, damn you scotty!) ok not 4th but rather 3.5th dimension. And by 3.5th I mean 3rd and three quarters nearer to 4th. ANYWAY massive attack beating my eardrums all the haphazard drivers came in my way. Idiots. It’s only a traffic light and what does yellow mean if not go faster? I tried to go faster but I may not drive a great big Cadillac with diamonds in the back, sunroof top...

When it was time to turn on the ILS and do a left approach on the carrier deck I switch off massive attack and cruised to landing speed. Winds were at 40 knots due southwest. The FLIR wasn’t working at all and decided to go in manual. Successful landing aside I was greeted in my quarters by Involver who pulled my left eyeball out my right ear hole (in case you were wondering, I was lying down on my left and the left ear hole was blocked.). It flew above my notebook staring at the blue speck of LED which was the power lamp.

Ripe fruits were served as desert. The main course was vege curry and everything was simply delectable. White paper chimney with crimson ring puffer smoke stick afterwards and I was back in the game with Mozzy and his bloodthirsty compatriots. Eventually I won. I woke up several hours later to see that England won and to my disappointment realized was back in reality on Monday morning.

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