Jas-in my ass.

By UnkleBus

What the deal with this MP from JASIN anyway? This Mohd. Said Yusof to me is the epitome of our political system. The whole idea of him simply implying that the customs officials are corrupt yet not lodging and official report on his allegations makes him look terribly inept. It makes our entire parliament look like a bunch of school kids.

As you may remember this guy was the MP who told the customs official to "Close one eye" on a certain timber import, which did not meet size regulations. It was in the papers and was a hot topic for a few days. He admitted that the timber company belonged to him. What he did firstly was to butter up the PM, by apologizing "IF" he had any wrongdoings. Can his wrongdoing be any less obvious?

Now he has brought up so called "facts" that the customs officials are corrupt but get this, does not want to press charges. Is he trying to say to the public that "even though they told on me, I wont tell on them..."? err... does that make him the bigger man? A man with principle? It just goes to show the state of the political landscape here in our lovely Malaysia. Behind the fa├žade of the Petronas Twin Towers, the Sepang F1, our tightly regulated local media; we paint a pretty picture to show how harmonious our country is.


BBC chairman Datuk Shahrir quit recently over a row with his party. A motion was tabled by our very own DAP red rocket man Lim Kit Siang; one which he supported. Only then was the public made aware of the "WHIP" clause which compels Barisan MPs to reject or oppose any motion by the opposition regardless of the topic or its merit. I say good move Datuk Shahrir, at least I know there was a good person in parliament.