Firefox Extension Review: Performancing

By UnkleBus
This is what I've been waiting for. Push button publishing from within Firefox. I've tested it with blogger and it works great. My office firewall somehow blocks the port used to publish on blogger and since the beginning I've been using email to blog from work. Somehow Performancing manages to get past that limitation by using the blogger API. The only problem is that it still can't publish images directly to blogger. I'll have to use flickr now. At least this allows more control compared to flickrs "blog this" feature, which for some wierd reason does not work with my template. It has most if not all of the jazz you need to publish inclusive of some others like underline and strikeout. Anyone who's using Firefox and blogger should give it a go, especially those caught behind a firewall. Makes life so much easier.

Gotto wonder why they chose the name "Performancing" though... it sounds damn ah beng silly. *grin*