By UnkleBus
There is something deeply spiritual driving home with the evening sun in your face listening to ATB's The DJ 3: In the mix. Something I cannot explain but just a deep sense of relief and calm. Other cars on the road don't exist (it doesn't mean I go whacking everything in sight), problems especially stress just fade away. Simple things make me happy, I realize. Having a cuppa' americano, catching up with friends, or just spending time alone seem to restore the natural balance.

I spent the whole of sat and sun sleeping and recuperating from the stress of the past 4 weeks. It was completely fucked up at the office and not to mention handling my classes as well but things are looking up this week with most of the problems settled and only tutorials once a week. However I still have my assignment to think of and that’s the major headache. I've lost touch of how to write an assignment effectively not to mention all the previous assignments have about 10 years old and I can't find them anymore.

I’m here now at the Mt. Kiara Starbucks as I observe others outside with their wares go about their business. I’m trying to find out what makes them happy and what drives them... Most of the business people here are doing it part-time so it has to be something other than making money, as a main source of income, which drives them. How do you measure passion? How do you measure drive and success? Is it how much money you have or how happy you are doing that thing? And having said that, how do you find it. I seem to have lost it, that drive, the want to succeed doing what I do, programming. I know it’s in me and I bloody hell am good at what I do.

I think perhaps it’s a sense of accomplishment and being happy. There are so many unexplored avenues I’m yet to tread. I also realize that at work, having a role model is essential. Normally one would look towards his superior as a role model but nay, not in my case. I see him merely as a boss not superior but he deserves the benefit of the doubt. It’s funny coming from me knowing how much I Hate his style. I guess that’s why techies can never get along with non-techies.

Then again maybe what I’m lacking is my other half. Corny as it may sound my achievements aren’t anything if not shared. I’m done with the partying part of life, too much of a good thing, hence me taking the plunge going back to my studies.

I want to do something different. I have a plan which I’m hatching. Haha sounds evil? No it’s not but I hope to be an armchair general in my right way as soon as this kicks off. In any case the most important thing I’ve learnt so far is learning to learn. So that’s what I’ll be doing in addition to whatever I’m doing now.

As for now, it’s back to my Americano.