Where did the passion go?

By UnkleBus
Back in the day, coding was so fun. Writing dumb Unix viruses, designing stupid .plan files to wow your friends or annoy your lecturers, staying up late just to finish up that project; making sure everything was perfect before printing. Back then coding was a means to create, to facilitate an idea no matter how dumb it may have been. Writing code and seeing it work was the ultimate prize and earned enough bragging rights to last a lifetime. Or so I thought.

But these days it’s only because I have to. Jaded to the point where I forget what it is that brought me this far and what is it that makes me want to continue. I’ve lost the passion. There is no sense of pride left in my work, should it even be called so. Where did it go? And what will this lead to eventually? I have no clue but it seems to be sap all my energy. I know what I am capable of, maybe there’s just wasn’t an opportunity.

It WAS fun but now it’s just for that paycheck at the end of every month. I need a raise to make it fun again. A big one.