Things I hate about clubbing

By UnkleBus
I was at mambo tonight when it dawned on me that there are a few things about clubbing that really piss me off. Firstly I hate midget guys, second… kwai lou men and women and lastly the “drunk negotiators” kind. No wait, hate is a big word… lets say that I feel annoyed.

Why do I get “annoyed” at midget guys? Ok wait, before I start… I don’t feel the same for all short guys, just the ones who think they are “oh so khoool” and “happening” and what they basically do in a club is go around pushing their fucking way through the crowd. I mean I understand your predicament having to dwell in the lower stratosphere and all but please… have some manners when you want to pass by. So what if you wear nice glasses? And it’s not to say that the dude gently nudged me to make way or even said excuse me, instead just pushed his way through. Next time I see you I’ll step on you, you stupid ant. Serves you right fucker.

And then we have those foreigners who think they own the whole damn place. The guys can’t dance to save their lives and the chicks… ugh again they think the only way to get to the dance floor is to push their way through just like them midgets. I was at the bar ordering a drink and there were this kwai lou who were standing next to me and it was understandably packed. There was only enough space to fit me and the dude. So as I was waiting for my change, his lady friend just squeezed her way in between and just started pushing. Was it the alcohol? Was it the fact that they think they’re better than us? I mean what the fuck.

Not only that, she stood up on the railing and was leaning over the bar. Her hair was in my BEER! You know they don’t take showers right? *shiver* Queue up la and wait your turn. Not only that, try to get free drinks from the bartender also. So what now, act rude and cheap at the same time?

And at last we have the drunk negotiator. These people feel so bloody intellectual after a couple of shots that they just want to talk. They want to settle problems. They want to know what went wrong. They want to know the problem... Soooooooo annoying I tell you. What has passed has passed; don’t come to me asking me if your friend had pissed me off. What if he did? How would you have solved the problem? By persuading me saying he did not mean it? Obviously I’ll tell you what you want to hear because I don’t want any trouble. It doesn’t talk a genius to figure that out stupid.

Whatever la, spoils the fun for everyone :P

p/s: Fine, I'm sorry I had to generalize, but it isn't fair to name names and I definately wont. Please accept my apology for feeling annoyed at these fuckers people because they're only human.