One night at Alexis

By UnkleBus
There was this drummer boy... hahahah okok we had lots of fun. The girls certainly were entertained hmm? hee hee...

(L-R) KingKong, LaBoo, Anomie, PinkSlush and Annabelle

(L-R) JungJung, Ms. Fitness, Elle, M&C, PinkPanther?

Aran and I had a bottle of wine. While it had no effect on him, the red pigment seemed to seep right up to my face for some odd reason. why ar?

The drummer boy

Exhibit A: Suspect group photo

More smiles than a Colgate ad...

Alexis is certainly a nice place to chill. I'm no fan of Jazz, but the food, the drink and especially the company made it one hell of a memorable night. This is just a preview tho... wait till perry gets back ;)