Good morning

By UnkleBus
Good morning peeps

It's a lovely morning. What could be better? lovely weather and a smoke. AAHHH.. *cough*

Fuck, I haven't seen the light of a saturday morning in a LONG time. Can't believe I crashed at 11pm on a Friday night either. This just feels too wierd. It's just too bad that I'll be stuck in the office today if not sure go jogging or something. (HAHAH... YEAH RIGHT!)

On another note, my fone to notebook is completely screwed lah... damn thing won't connect after installing the drivers and shit. I cannot extract the files. Not even the stupid iR, which is the most basic connectivity. What are the hell is SonyEricsson thinking. Now have to rollback the drivers and shit or reformat the whole thing. Pictures from the Quiksilver event are still in the fone (Sorry laboo... will send 'em to you ASAP) I'm still sore over losing my stuff when the old harddisk crashed. The sys config was perfect. After a year plus WinXP was running smooth and fast, optimized to the max. *sigh*

Oh does anyone have the song by Kaskade - Maybe or the album "In the moment" released in 2004 (Ohm records)? It's an extremely sexy chill out tune, which I've been looking for in MP3 format but cant seem to find it. If you have it or know where I can find the MP3 please let me know. Awesome chill/lovemaking/(insert activity) song lah... I'll trade with you what few MP3's I have... mostly trance, ATB, Corsten, Tiesto (full albums) so lemme know ;)

alrighty then... time to go. Ciao!