By UnkleBus

Fucking users think that it’s damn easy to change or fix anything. Everyone’s task is urgent. Urgent my ass you cum sucking flea. Stupid wait a little bit while I finish your fucking report lah you whiney slut. Is that so hard to understand? KENA SOUND FROM ME ON THE FONE NICE OR NOT?  NICE NICE!!!!


Him: We need the figures at least because closing is this Friday
Me: I’m aware of the closing dates (dude, what the fuck?)
Him: And we need it to calculate our incentives
Me: Uhuh (need you state the obvious?)
Him: I would appreciate if you could fix the cubes before Friday
Me: Sure, when it’s done I’ll inform all the users (Do you fucking think I need you to remind me what the fuck I have on my plate? FUCKER)

The more people tell me what I have to do the less motivation I have to do it. It has already hit the negatives and I’m so tempted to put in all the old shit. Revert all changes and fucking resign. My letter is already ready. bitches

And now…

Sampah lou giving me another project. ANOTHER PROJECT! Fuck this shit man