Blockbuster Summer: Part II

By UnkleBus
Now for the second part of the "Blockbuster Summer" posts, these movies are in my to watch list. What do you think? I tried booking for Da Vinci code for Sat night and ITS FULLY BOOKED. W T F. Are there seriously that many people placing bookings online? and GSC is only screening 5 shows on Sat compared to MI:III which has 10 slots! Madness. Anyway here's my take on some upcoming movies...

The Omen (6.6.06)
This is definitely not to be missed movie. Maybe it’s because as a kid I watched the entire omen series (and how it started to suck) and it scared the shiates out of me. So watching this will be sort of a trip down memory lane. This is supposed to be a remake of the original. Welcome back Damien the antichrist.

The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (15.06.06)
No brainer this one. I bet the plot is exactly the same with the first 2, just the actors and cars. So what’s so interesting? Well how about drifting? It’s a show for car enthusiasts and from what I’ve seen in the trailer the tricks are sick. They hired the top drifters from Japan to film this movie. It's good and it allows me to fantasize driving one of these. How to afford a Skyline with all this AP shit going on?

Superman Returns (29.06.06)
Who doesn’t love the man in red underwear? Who doesn’t know the story? This show is on my low priority list so it doesn’t matter if I catch it in the cinema or DVD. What you can expect are updated graphics (which btw, I hope they don’t go over the top) and a totally new, freshly dry-cleaned blue suit and red underwear. Do you know who's the villian in this one?

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (13.07.06)
Hordes of young impressionable girls rejoice! It's the return of the funny pirate! I’d say this is Johnny Depp’s crowning moment. His eccentric roles in other films never really earned him that “superstar” status but he is one actor who gets much better as he gets older. From 21 Jump street to Edward Scissor Hands he can fit into any role but this is his best suited one to date. Correct me if I’m wrong ;)

Snakes On A Plane (24.08.06)
I want to watch this simply because of the title (Up till now I have no clue if its a drama or comedy). It’s too corny to miss lah. Seriously when Samuel L. Jackson heard they were changing the title he wanted to quit the show. It is basically about some cops escorting a witness on a flight. Then along came an assassin who decided the best way to kill the witness was to release snakes on board the flight and we’re talking many many snakes. Now thats a fucking good plot!!!

That’s it for now. These pretty much sum up what’s in store and I think are worth watching. So shall we now start to plan our time and organize for movie days? Sounds interesting yes? *grin*

p/s: I've updated my banner page :)