The 5ives

By UnkleBus

This is an old post from multiply. Thought that it would be fun to have it up again since I don’t really post surveys much. A few edits tho.

Ten years ago I was ... I was still in skool, I tot it would be cool, to act like a fool, always at kota raya... playing pool.

Five years ago I was ... already working? Damn! But this was the best job I had so far. Flexi hour (as in go to work at 3pm and leave at 8pm) and our office was in the same building as the old Bali club. We had parties in the office. I remember Joe was also working at bali at that time and he was so kind to get us ice and mixers for our drinks. Yeah Joe… you were reading the  papers we used to cover the puke in the corridor while pissed drunk. It was also when enzo had a close encounter with a coleman cooler & not forgetting the girls who danced like strippers at the window ledge *LOL* Good times good times (Remember Tuesday’s Beer Bash and Perry's kangkung experience? Haha)

A year ago I was ... In a relationship. Nothing else really mattered at that time. Can’t remember about work but I think it sucked as did life in general. Didn’t go out for drinks much either.

Yesterday I was ... out having vietnamese food with a friend, supposed to go for the fun fair at 1U but it was drizzling so cancelled. Later spent more time at the mamak and enjoying a much missed roti banjir, which they don’t have in sydney *grin*

5 snacks I enjoy ... keropok leko, fish and prawn keropok, nuggets and nachos

5 Songs I know All the Words to ... geez lemme see, coldplay – yellow, radiohead – high and dry, Jason mraz – I’ll do anything, Vanilla ice – ice ice baby (Don’t laugh… I know you memorized it too!!) and all the words to every instrumental song… haha

5 things I would do with a 100 Million to splurge on ... invest in stocks, bonds, funds and futures. Buy lots of super cheap apartments/condos near universities and rent them out; buy a boat, a dog and a house by the sea. Put the rest in the bank and live of the interest.

5 Bad Habits ... smoking, drinking, scratching my neck, spending too much and earning too little :P

5 Biggest Joys ... smoking, drinking, scratching my neck, spending too much and complaining I don’t earn enough

5 Favourite Toys ... my laptop, digicam, handphone, my car and my stereo

5 Things I Would Never Wear...  pink polo tees, tight white pants, multi-colour socks, Melbourne shuffle pants and male thongs… (ok the last one… maybe only be special request only ;-) HAHAHAHA )

5 Favourite TV Shows ... House, Scrubs, (dare I say it…) The O.C., the simpsons and queer eye ftsg (I’m into interior deco la ok! :P)

5 Fictional Characters I Would Date ... Nancy from sincity… Period.