Meetings galore

By UnkleBus
What does it mean when your boss, who is supposed to attend an important meeting, decides not to go and sends you instead? Am I supposed to feel proud that he picked me to go in his stead? The answer is…


He’s just being lazy. Fucker. And it’s not like after the meeting I would have the power to change anything or make decisions. Imagine, a few days ago the guys from Diethelm came over for a meeting. We didn’t have an unoccupied meeting room to go to so instead of thinking of a solution he turned to me and asked “so how?” in front of the visitors. Made me want to laugh.

Where the hell are they making bosses these days?

He sits in his room the whole day. Comes out for a little sunlight every 3 hours and then goes back in. Like some cave dwelling newt.

HAHA I should take his place. Can’t even make a decision or be firm on things. Like I said in a previous post he’s from “DBKL”. All the sampah project also angkut in an apparent attempt to appease the MD.


Well it’s after the meeting now and the impact of the project is BIG. Not huge thank god but BIG. It’s amazing how Mr. Sampah Lou didn’t see it coming. He did attend the initial meeting. In fact he was supposed to attend this meeting.

Now I’ve got more work, but I’m happy because it takes my mind of the current project that really really sucks ass more than a camel after a 7 year drought.

So chop chop, I’ll update you later!