This is heavy :P

By UnkleBus

I’ve had a change of heart. A few days ago I posted some heavy stuff about the government, regarding raised fuel prices and how the savings would benefit the rakyat didn’t make sense at all, correct? I also did mention something about a protest that took place (incidentally another protest took place today) in front of KLCC and how much I wanted to join in those protest

That is until I found out who organized it.

I’m mostly not racist, but when I hear that the protests (well at least the first one) were organized and carried out by PAS, I knew that the 30 cent increase is nothing. Why? Because I trust the current crop of corrupt officials running the country MORE than I do THOSE guys. Today again there was a protest, and this time it was by keADILan + PAS. You may be asking why the change of heart? 30 sen is still 30 sen, right?

Correct. And I would have fully supported and joined in the protests had it NOT been politically motivated. Now come on, the protest is to get the government to lower fuel prices lah, NOT overthrow BN and overthrowing them is not the ONLY solution. So I get very cheesed of when these people turn it around and make it their cause because all others ways have failed.

Ok so you may argue that every protest no matter what reason is politically motivated, yes I agree on that point but not for this. If they were REALLY concerned about changing things, don’t rally your supporters after Friday prayers. (why? Because it’s after prayers lah *duh*) I’m an atheist but still posses enough common sense to know not to abuse a place of worship.

So screw the protests.

I’d rather pay that 30sen for the rest of my life than have PAS as government. What would happen to Zouk and all my Chio Bus?? :P