Nature at its best

By UnkleBus

This shit is amazing. I feel so good today. So it’s true what they say about its healing properties. I woke up at an amazing 6.15 am and got to work by 7.15 am and didn’t feel sleepy after lunch today. Its almost 5 pm yet I still don’t feel cranky or debilitated.

I'm curious...

Let’s start an experiment to see if the results are true or just coincidence. I will do this for 4 weeks every Tuesday and compare results the following day and how I feel the rest of the week. Doing what I do normally during the week, and at the end of the duration draw my conclusion, how? Do you think they’ll legalize it if the trials are successful? Shit I may even have to revive my old blog if this is true


Well it’s worth a try anyway. *grin*