A longgggg weekend

By UnkleBus

Everyone should get Friday off. I mean it. Working on Friday is such a bummer. If I were the PM of Malaysia I’d make one Friday every month a day off, just so that you’d be able to party at ghetto without taking MC the next day.

It was mad (ok… maybe not quite), ghetto was quite empty and one hour into the mainroom, we were already looking at the time wondering when to leave. Not because it was THAT bad, but we had other activities lined up at the KSS (ask me if you want to know *grin*)

Hee Jung took lots of pics, and some of them are here at Stella’s page, as for the rest, we looked simply too plastered to post up.

I can’t remember what went on Friday night. I think I need more ginko, but on Saturday a friend and I had dinner and wine and that can be quite fun. It’s been a while since I’ve been that happy from alcohol. Alexis Jln. Ampang again hosted the same group that played last week. It’s a nice place to hang although the crowd can be quite the yuppie kind. Apologies to the KMKS host though, we arrived late that night and they were waiting for us the whole time.

I think the people hanging out in the KMKS park thought we were mad. How dare they use MY swing, relegating me to the see-saw? *GAH* But who cares. Dipping our feet in the pool was the best idea of the whole night *har har*.

The Q&A session by STP for Pear was hilarious, heeheheh, looks like the drive to Bangsar was worth it after all. More on this later, I’ll post some pics, wokie?