It's getting from bad to dumb

By UnkleBus

Look at what they said today, “the 30 sen increase would bring some difficulty to the people, it would, on the other hand, conserve the resource, prevent wastage and stop the commodity from being smuggled out to neighbouring countries – The Star

Bullocks! Conserve the resource? What resource? So money isn’t considered a resource? How about cutting down from spending money by sending Malaysians into space? What good would that do for the “Rakyat” except give us something useless to boast about?


Is it because the government needs to boost MAS/Proton/… (add in your ailing government backed company here) coffers and turn it from red to black?

Either way this is really stupid. All it does it create an even bigger gap between the rich and the poor plus middle income group. After all the AP shit, which only serves to make minister’s son’s rich (right or not Mahatir?), you say this is for the best? If only the government had just kept its mouth shut, stop saying it’s for the good of the Rakyat then perhaps it wouldn’t have been so bad.

Did you also notice that there was/is a total news blackout on the protests at KLCC last Friday? That’s correct; they were protesting the price increase last week and the FRU were all decked out ready for action. The media is controlled by the government, and that’s everything we see, read and hear. There is no outlet for us to raise our concerns. Do you REALLY think that the Citizen’s Blog at is a true FREE SPEECH blog? I doubt it.

If they did publish anything supposedly “BAD” you can bet the ISA or JAIS, etc. will raid the premises.

Already the mentality of Malaysians is to BOAST about every great achievement, but when it comes down to the wire, we have to compare ourselves with other countries, “Oh Singaporeans have to pay so much more for petrol”. Have you compared their per-capita income? No? You didn’t think about it? OH MY, how silly of you…

I really pity Pak Lah, he has a lot of crap to clean up. A cabinet reshuffle just isn’t enough dude. Cronyism/corruption will always exist in a government and it’s pointless in saying that the RM4.4bil in savings is going back to the “rakyat” when we don’t see and solid plans or proof such as tax benefits, or road tax reduction or even toll rates going down.

I don’t think Petronas can bail you out this time Malaysia.